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K. M. Srivastava will launch the 4th Edition of his Best Seller Bombay Talkies, The Pillar Of Indian

Senior Film Journalist K. M. Srivastava will launch the 4th Edition of his Best Seller “Bombay Talkies, The Pillar Of Indian Cinema - Rajnarayan Dube " Soon.

Krishna Mohan Srivastava said this is my 4th Book on Bombay Talkies Series. This historical book is based on the life and time of Cinematic Giant, Pillar of Indian Cinema and the founder of The Legendary Film Company The Bombay Talkies Studios Rajnarayan Dube. I am thankful to all my readers, for their immense response, love, and attachment , who has made my book a grand success. I am coming with much more confidence, energy and comprehensive research work with my 4th Edition very soon.

The book Pillar Of Indian Cinema Rajnarayan Dube is about his contribution to the entertainment world of the Indian film industry. Senior film journalist Krishna Mohan Srivastava has authored this biography, like the last edition Bombay Talkies Bhartiya Cinema ka aadhar stambh which he wrote in 2018. His first and second edition of the book was published in the year of 1976 by legendary Actor Pran and in 1989 by the great filmmaker Prakash Mehera respectively. In the Golden Jubilee Year (50th year of his journalism career), he wrote the 3rd edition of book on Bombay Talkies in 2018 after the demand of million cinema lovers, This launch Ceremony was headed by grandson of the father of Indian Cinema Dada SahebPhalke Mr. Chandra Shekhar Pusalkar Phalke.

K.M.Srivastava said In 1976 launching of my 1st Edition on Bombay Talkies Legendary film actor Pran said Rajnarayan dube is a Greatest person in Hindi cinema even i copied his style in my Movies also he was respectable, commanding , and always like guardian for every people.

K.M Srivastava Further said in 1989 Launch of my 2nd edition of Bombay Talkies book, on that occasion Prakash mehra said what i am today this all because of legendary Rajnarayan Dube, He helped me a lot to established my self in Hindi film Industry till my first movie Haseena Maan Jayegi.

In 3rd edition of book on Bombay Talkies series in 2018 Mr. Chandra Shekhar Pusalkar Phalke Said in that occasion With the establishment and work culture of Bombay Talkies, Rajnarayan Dube has played a great historic role in nurturing and developing Indian film industry. He gave it the form of an organized industry and made it to be accepted as a respectful form of art by the civilized society. He further added, “Like my grandfather Dada Saheb Phalke, Rajnarayan Dube also faced all kinds of conflicts and the result of his immense struggle is visible like a world heritage Site in the form of Bombay Talkies today. He strongly affirmed, Rajnarayan Dube was not there, there would be no Himanshu Rai, neither Devika Rani or there would be Bombay Talkies.

Senior Journalist of Hindi Cinema Krishna Mohan Srivastava ( K M Srivastava ) “the fourth edition of his book Bombay Talkies “The Pillar of Indian Cinema Rajnarayan Dube " is on life and time of cinematic giant Rajnarayan Dube’s look likes Semi Biography and will published Soon in the year 2020. This book will be historical book and create Sension in world cinema The Bombay Talkies Studios established by Rajnarayan Dube has been synonymous with the Indian film fraternity and has played an integral part in the world of entertainment. It has launched artistes of peerless calibers, such as Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, Mehmood, among others.

Courtesy to The Bombay Talkies Studio, acting emperor Dilip Kumar, melody queen Lata Mangeshkar, great showman Raj Kapoor, all-rounder legend Kishore Kumar, extremely talented Mehmood and world-renowned director Satyajit Ray along with over 200 other artists and technicians got an opportunity to showcase their talents and achieved name, fame, and respect in their own field.



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